Tiara Bella

$ 5.00

Wickles are hand poured with our signature soy wax and come in a variety of scents. Ours are all natural oils creating a wonderful scent throw. Each container is 3.25 oz and what makes ours unique is the way they are melted. They sit directly on a warmer IN the container they come in! Yes, we know it's plastic, however, they have been rigorously tested and are safe when melted in 4-hour increments on a candle warmer.

Available in unique scents that change often:

Lavender                                        Lemon Colada 

Honeysuckle Apple                        Clean Cotton

Orange Chiffon Cake                      Key Lime

Roses                                             Beach Daisies

Juicy Peaches                                Chocolate Cake

Peppermint                                     Tropical Fruit                                

Caramel Chocolate Latte                Wild Honey

Tropical Fruit                                   Lemon Drop                                

 Macintosh Apple                            Pineapple      

Strawberry                                      Lilac                               

Spa Day                                         Coconut Lime

Black Cherry                                   Vanilla                   

Lemongrass Sage                           Orange Blossoms

Coconut                                       Citrus Breeze

Hazelnut                                         Grapefruit

Citronella                                         Pineapple                        


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