Monkey Farts Fizzies

Tiara Bella

$ 2.00

Let's face it! Kids are impatient, to say the least. We made it simple to enjoy a bath bomb experience with a fast fizzing twist. Just pour the packet into the water around the child for a fun fizzing effect of a traditional bath bomb in a nanosecond of the time! These fizzies can be purchased separately or as a set. The sets include 4 randomly selected scented bath fizzie packets and a bath time scrubby with one of our Monkey's animal friends! 

Fragrances include:

Monkey Farts is a blend of banana, kiwi, oranges, and berries

Lavender is of course relaxing. Best used before a nap or bedtime

Birthday Cake is a vanilla based yummy scent

Monkey Bread is like cinnamon rolls with the yummy frosting oozing

Lemon Drop is perfect to use if they need to wake up. Puts zip in the step


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