Monkey Farts LIMITED RELEASE Tween Emoji Gift Set

$ 30.00

Emojis are so popular right now and we understand why! These guys are just plain cute!  So we found some pretty special ones and included them in this amazing set.

Each bag is super roomy with a zippered top and handles for easy carrying.  The bag is chalk full of must-have fun! One of our Lavender Head to Toe Shampoo/Body Soaps! Now isn't that convenient? Also included is not one but two of our huge 5 ounce Bath Bombs in Monkey Fart scent (bananas, fruit & flowers) and Cotton Candy. No explanation need for these scents, lol! And did I mention the Emoji Faced wash/exfoliating scrubby? You know it's in there too! (5 pieces including bag) Randomly selected. Limited release. When they are gone, they are gone! 

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