Tiara Bella Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 7/2017 Tiara Bella Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tiara Bella Products made in the USA?

Yes, they are. Hand poured here, packaged here and enjoyed here!

What are Tiara Bella Candles (Wickles too) made from?

Tiara Bella uses 100% Soy, making it super eco-friendly.  If you compare our soy to other wax products, you’ll find we have these benefits:

  • Our Soy comes from US Farmers
  • 100% Soy allows for a higher scent ratio
  • Allows for a much cleaner burn

Does wax ever expire?

Storage conditions, heat & light, can affect a candle's life. Under normal conditions, they should retain color & scent for about a year.

What types of fragrances are used for Tiara Bella?

Tiara Bella uses a variety of essential oils and organic spices. The variety of essential oils is very limited. Only about 450 plant species actually produce an oil that is worthy of being used.

 How does Tiara Bella decide when a scent is strong enough?

We take several steps before we say it’s good enough:

  • No ingredients on the Ca. Prop 65 list
  • No ingredients on the EPA SARA 313 list
  • Heat stability tested to 145 degrees Fahrenheit
  • The Scent must permeate a standard sized living space approx. 15 ft x 15 ft square

Is wax OK to throw in the trash?

Yes, you can! Vegetable waxes (soy) and beeswax are biodegradable. Here’s a fun tip, if you have a fireplace or pit, wax makes a great fire-starter when poured over pine cones!

Are the wicks 100% cotton?

Yes, they are. Our wicks are lead-free.

Can the Wickles be used on any warmer?

No. However, if it is sold as a wax warmer, you should be just fine! All the warmers sold on our site have been tested for our products. We don’t guarantee the burn times and or the melting temperatures of other manufacturers. Never use an oil burner! They burn, not melt!

What are the Burn Times of Tiara Bella products?

All burn times are subject to the proper burning times of 4 hr increments.

Our 12oz Jar Candles last approximately 100 hrs and our

Wickles last approximately 25-30 hrs.

The She Shack Bath Products:

All of our bath products are chemical free, all natural ingredient products. Each product is handmade here on the premises and packaged for delivery.

We use Shea butter, coconut oil. Vitamin E, grapeseed oil (vitamin A) and Almond oils to make our butter. Epson salts and essential oils for the Bath Salts, and refined organic white sugar and coconut oil for the exfoliating sugar scrubs. 

Bath bombs powders are made with citric acid, however, ours is non-GMO and food grade, so safe for you. 

Our soaps are all-natural/vegan. We take extra care in using only the finest of ingredients and our scents are all natural as well. 

Return Policy:

We will be glad to replace any item damaged in shipping. If this happens to you, please send an email to us and we will follow up within 3 business days. Depending on if the product needs to be returned, we will pay for return shipping.

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