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Hello, friends! You are probably wondering just what makes my husband and I so willing to put ourselves out there. Let me try to explain. Between his, mine, and ours, there are 6 kids. Being lucky enough to work in the direct sales business for 35 years, gave me the opportunity to be that ever elusive stay at home mom. That also meant I had to get creative with the budget and my love for sewing, crafting, and making memories came running into the forefront of our everyday lives. Living in beautiful sunny Southern California gave us plenty of options from where we lived, for things to do & places to go! We moved a lot and ended up in Anaheim. Of course, our priorities were always Family and Disney and the Beach. Sometimes not in that order but never the less we had to improvise quite often.

I also grew up in a time when electives in school included Home Economics where we were taught to cook, sew and we even made an album of “If we could decorate a home, what would it look like” (as I reflect on this, it was a combination of bullet journaling and scrapbooking), and of course a class in Art, where we explored all types of mediums which really got my creative juices flowing and that has served me well. I had the opportunity to work in a candle shop when I was 14 and later purchased said candle shop when I was 19. Too young, didn’t have the business sense to run it successfully so I sold because really, I just loved the making of the candles. I had a macrame side business all the while running the front office for a dentist. The candles have come full circle and once again I own a home based candle business and have this website to boot. Where was this concept in the early 70’s? Totally NEW way to do business. 

My husband is just as creative as I am. Growing up he drew his school work in cartoon fashion which apparently is frowned upon and visited the principal for lack of attention blah, blah, blah, and ended up being a cartoonist for Warner Bros. but his art didn’t stop there. He is Native American and loved his southwest heritage enough to work for Eaglepass Traders which was handcrafted Indian jewelry. He took it further when his partner passed and started with life masks in leather of well known Indian Chiefs. He did dream catchers using authentic materials and never strayed from his roots. Now, of course, I have him doing blocks for Yard Yahtzee or decorating Tea Cup Candles for our Home Decor division. He can do it all! Am I blessed to have found my soulmate? Is it corny to say he completes me? Probably, but hey, we have each other!

Did I mention we are retired and that we moved to Arizona? All the children are adults now and have families of their own. So leaving behind the kids (love you, kiddos), we sold a lot, gave away a lot and off we went with a moving truck and 2 cars packed to the brim. The surfboards were strapped to the roof of my HHR and people would point and say “You’re going the wrong way!” Little did they know we only brought 2 and the rest stayed in So Cal, available for trips home. I thought I’d be Unique here with my Beach Decor, however little did I know that Arizona is full of beach loving transplants!  We painted the walls beachy colors and this sits prominently in the corner. I got out my Vinyl, found one of my Cricut machines and copied a Pinterest post quote.


Our fun never stops as we made new friends and joined some other crafters to keep us motivated. We still get home about every 3 months and thoroughly enjoy our time with family and friends. Now that is the blessing of being retired!


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