Monkey Farts for Kids

Monkey Farts for Kids was created with FUN in mind! The name itself makes you smile and the kids just love it! ! Our Bath & body products will be an ever evolving line that puts the fun back in bath time and anything that will make kids WANT to take a bath, gets an A+ in my book. All the products are natural with essential oils for scent in fragrances that make a kid want to bathe! 

Monkey Farts is a blend of banana, kiwi, oranges, and berries

Cotton Candy is just what the name implies. Sweet and fun

Lavender is of course relaxing. Best used before a nap or bedtime

Birthday Cake is a vanilla based yummy scent

Monkey Bread is like cinnamon rolls with the yummy frosting oozing

Lemon Drop is perfect to use if they need to wake up. Puts zip in the step

Dreamsickle is a  throw back to our childhoods. Oranges & vanilla goodness

Caramel Apple is so good! Makes you want to eat it, but don't. It just might stick to your teeth, lol! 

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